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Instrumental, metaphysical, psychedelic, other worldly, mind expanding music traveling at the speed of sound... this would be the best way to describe the music of the Purple Dream Machine. The music of the Purple Dream Machine comes from another dimension it would seem. The music has a dreamy, ethereal, surrealistic quailty to it...this sound would be due in part to how the music itself was made.( most of the music had been conceived while dreaming or in a very lucid dream state consider this as a form of musical Osmosis) Each track takes the listener to fresh new sonically scuplted sound scapes. The music on the newly released debut CD blurs all the lines between categories by taking genres such as Space Rock, Ambient/Chill, progressive rock, Shoegaze, Blues, Jazz, Raga and cross pollinating these sounds and weaving them into one big sonic tapestry (all the while incorporating a healthy dose of trippy psychedelica to expand the musical journey).

The 15 tracks found on the CD echoes the progressive"outside the box" music of the late sixties and early sevenities.The Purple Dream Machine's music is comprised of ambient guitars, dreamy mellotrons, electric sitars, backwards guitar passages,  mellow electric pianos, and a barrage of guitar effects. Influences include Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Iron Butterfly,The Doors, Radio Head, Jefferson Airplane, Beck, Syd Barrett, Can, Muddy Waters, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Brain Wilson and Brian Eno. But not all influences are limited to just musical ones some are visual like groundbreaking artists such as Dali, Picassco, Kandinsky,Malevich and Warhol  just to name a few.

This is Music straight from the cosmos! Everything in this universe is composed of vibrating particles and all these particles are interconnected( the string theory)...and this music is a result of that connection. This is music in its purist form made from the pure direct stream of the undistilled musical collective consciousness . Jon Odom goes on to say about that process, "I would have these really intense lucid dreams… where I would hear this music playing in the background as though it was some kind of soundtrack to that dream. Then, I would awake with this intense music still echoing in my head very clearly. I knew then I had to record this strange but beautiful music at once!..  and now those musical interludes have been documented on this CD for all to enjoy.


Tripping thru the cosmos!


The other night I took a step outside and it was a nice and clear night and I could see a lot of stars in the night sky ( that is a rarity living so close to the city) as I stood there looking upward into the night sky. All of a sudden I felted so insignificant, knowing each star could contain its own solar system and the vastness of the universe is such a heavy thing to ponder and how each one of us all have a connection to that vastness and most importantly to each other. I am a part of you and you are a part of me and we are all part of this galaxy ( hey that was somewhat lyrical...yeah, yeah I know dont quit my day job) then I started to think about "The String theory" ( a.k.a. the theory of everything ) and how it pertains to music.
According to string theory," absolutely everything in the universe—all of the particles that make up matter and forces—is comprised of tiny vibrating fundamental strings. Moreover, every one of these strings is identical. The only difference between one string and another, whether it's a heavy particle that is part of an atom or a massless particle that carries light, is its resonant pattern, or how it vibrates."

"All objects, not just fundamental strings, have resonant patterns associated with them. Pluck the string of a violin and you hear mainly one tone. This is the string's fundamental resonant pattern, or frequency. And the instrument's resonance doesn't stop there. The body of the violin has resonant frequencies, which work to amplify the sound created by the vibrating string. There's resonance in objects that aren't musical, too. Your desk has resonant frequencies, and so does a flagpole, and so does the Earth".

So you see... we are all in tune with the universe and that is why I think music is so important and why it has such a profound affect on the listeners state of mind, body & soul . To me there is nothing like the feeling of picking up my guitar and plucking a string/ strumming a chord and knowing that precise moment in time, I am connecting with the universe. I feel the universes "vibes" and it feels my "vibes" and then when it's transferred to CD /mp3 etc...you the listener then become part of those "vibes"... it just blows my mind thinking about it. So the next time somebody tells you that there are no "strings" attached... tell them you know better ;0) Peace & Love!



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  • Martha

    Martha ENGLAND

    top shelf material!
    top shelf material!
  • Uli


    Hey Jon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHINE ON MY FRIEND Peace, Love and music :)
    Hey Jon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Peace, Love and music smile
  • Karen Walden Valdivia

    Karen Walden Valdivia Atlanta

    Jon, I love it!!! So happy for you!!
    Jon, I love it!!! So happy for you!!
  • Jane K

    Jane K Indy

    Love the sight Jon!
    Love the sight Jon!
  • Chris Bush

    Chris Bush Plain 74x

    Yo Jon,, Glad to see you are well,, and awesome track on the page! Stay free and well my long time friend!
    Yo Jon,, Glad to see you are well,, and awesome track on the page! Stay free and well my long time friend!
  • Denise Adams

    Denise Adams Monrovia, CA

    Veeery groovy site! :agree: It really brings back the 60's for me. :love:
    Veeery groovy site! agree It really brings back the 60's for me. love
  • Jacquenette

    Jacquenette Guthrie, Kentucky

    Im diggin'it! Thanks for the friendship Jon!:love:
    Im diggin'it! Thanks for the friendship Jon!love
  • Shannon

    Shannon usa

    awesome site but awesomer music :love:
    awesome site but awesomer music love
  • Jesse Cegielski

    Jesse Cegielski Athens, GA

    Keep up the trippage man!
    Keep up the trippage man!
  • Ali Valdivia

    Ali Valdivia Auburn, AL

    I wish you the best of luck!
    I wish you the best of luck!